she cute?

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She's a senior AS/400 systems analyst with extensive quality, accounting, manufacturing, networking, JDE, Windows, Java, Unix and Linux programming and system design skills.

Robin fell to Earth around the time Texas Instruments announced its first silicon transistor. She has a BS degree from UC Davis in botany ("renewable natural resources") and loves gardening.

Hseedser first job out of college was with Ferry Morse Seed Company where, praised for solving a computer problem one day, she found her true calling, and went on to re-write their seed germination reports in RPG.


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I'm ex-Navy, a technical writer-illustrator with an electronics engineering background.

Bfirebottleorn at the height of the vacuum tube era, I was almost four years old when John Bardeen made the first point contact germanium transistor. I built my first "computer" from production reject transistors my Dad brought home from his job at Motorola and parts I de-soldered from cast-off radios - TVs weren't yet priced for the working class.

After a long career in electro-optical systems field engineering and some attempts at entrepreneurship I retired in 2008 or so, and now just maintain our place and develop scenery for X-Plane.