Food storage

2 People 2 Week Preparedness Stash

This list supports one adult for a month, or two people for two weeks.

2 people, 2 week stash (2500 calories/day)
(If you use some to rotate dated items, such 
as batteries and meds, be sure to replace)

(Qty is in #2.5 cans -- approx 28 oz.,
like the 'family-size' baked beans,
serving size is 2-3 oz., depending)
Qty 	Item  Servings Per Can
4 	Regular nonfat milk 	18 	
1 	Sweet corn 	12
2 	Apple drink 	24 	
1 	Tomato powder 	1 lb
2 	Scrambling egg mix 	24 	
1 	Beef flavored TVP 	11
2 	Rolled oats 	15 	
1 	Ham flavored TVP 	10
1 	Applesauce 	28 	
1 	Chicken flavored TVP 	11
1 	Fruit cocktail 	15 	
1 	Margarine 	34
1 	Macaroni and cheese 	9 	
1 	Peanut butter powder 	14
1 	Mountain stew 	18 	
2 	Potato granules 	38
1 	Stroganoff-style casserole 	10 	
1 	Beef soup base 	90
1 	Green garden peas 	14 	
1 	Spanish-style rice 	10
1 	Carrot dices 	14 	
1 	Vegetable noodle soup mix 	20
1 	Chicken soup base 	90 	
22 	Lids for #2-1/2 cans 

pet food and water as required (your estimate)

Cooking - outdoors
Camp stove, 4 fuel cans
Charcoal grill, 2 briquet bags, 
1 large bottle charcoal starter 

Drinking/cooking (3 qts per day, each)
168 1-pint bottles

Washing, etc.
8 1-gallon jugs
(add 1/4 teaspoon salt
each as a preservative)

1 lg. toothpaste
2 doz. sanitary wipes
12 rolls toilet paper
2 boxes tissues
2 bars soap
2 wash cloths, towels
1 shampoo
a/r feminine products (your own estimate)
1 bottle contact lens solution
a/r aspirin, reg. + 81mg.
a/r ibuprofen
16oz. isopropyl alcohol
16oz. mineral oil
12 oz. Aloe gel
100 salt tablets
100 chewable antacid tablets
a/r asthma inhalers, insulin, etc.
month's supply of prescription meds
First aid kit

Extra house and vehicle keys hidden 
Flashlights, LED lanterns + batteries
Solar/cranked radio
Water filter
Strong plastic buckets, various sizes

The power's off and not expected to be
back on today;
What to do?
Locate your flashlights
Secure your vehicles and house (park 
rear-in for straight-out escape)
Locate your dependents
Arm yourselves
Assess your situation: 
What's off besides power? 
Water? Phone? Satellite? WiFi?
Are your neighbors' utilities off too?
Are there any immediate medical needs?
Clear halls and rooms of movement 
Review your defensive plans aloud
Collect what extra water you can for washing, 
flushing (fill the bathtub)
Collect ice for cooling critical meds, 
such as insulin
Access your supply stash
See to staying cool/warm as appropriate
Use the toilet as soon as possible, refill 
the tank
As you use water bottles, mark them and 
use for urine storage