The Bucket

Usually used as the secondary fermenter, this 6.5 to 7-gallon bucket is what I use first in the brewing process to sterilize all my miscellaneous items. It has a lid, capacity graduations up to 5 gallons, and a drain valve. The small tube in the picture is the bottle filler. It has a stem-valve in the bottom, which opens when pressed upwards by the inside of the bottle bottom for one-handed filling. The filler fits snugly into a clear piece of tubing fitted over the drain valve outlet.

Put a gallon of tap water, a tablespoon of TSP in the bucket and wash the stirring spoon, hydrometer, tongs, thermometer, carboy stopper and gas trap. Wipe the solution all around the inside bucket surface. Drain a bit through the siphon tube and the drain valve to clean them, too. Rinse all the items in fresh cold tap water and dry on fresh paper towels. That just cleans everything. But that is just half the job. Now, repeat with a capful (2 tsp.) of BTF iodophor in a gallon of water to sanitize everything. Immerse all the tools for at least 2 minutes. DO NOT rinse. This solution will NOT impart any flavor or odor to the beer.