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This site was created manually in Bluefish, gEdit and BBedit-Lite text editors on Linux and Mac OS X platforms, respectively. Most of the pages use validated XHTML or CSS formatting for cross-browser appearance consistency and because I enjoy employing CSS simplicity of execution over massive use of HTML tables. If your browser fails to render them correctly, ask its creators for W3C compliance. The stylesheets call for a body font of Georgia while headlines prefer Verdana; nice fonts that are the only things Microsoft has given away free. Original graphics were created or processed in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and ImageReady. Animations were done in Macromedia Flash3.

I use my site as a design gallery, so you will see a variety of page designs here. For some, you may not see correct rendering in version 4 browsers. Hey: version 5+ browsers are free for the download, and much closer to W3C standards compliance - upgrade now.

I have created alternate paths for less capable platforms and browsers, using pages done almost entirely in HTML3.0 code. Detecting browsers' capabilities is no small chore; see my article, "Web Design: Reconciling Browsers."

You may discover more about CSS page composition techniques at, and All my code and formatting techniques are open-source; you are free to use them for any good non-commercial purpose. In keeping with that spirit, I would greatly appreciate credit, a link back to this site from yours, and a copy of any enhancements you make.